Frozen Meals That Are Healthy and Delicious

Even though frozen meals are easy and opportune, most of them have a high level of saturated fat, sodium, and calories. Fortunately, healthier frozen appetizers are available at grocery stores that you can choose for instead.

Some brands sell food by keeping health-conscious shoppers in mind. It's a win-win for customers – you'll get the opportuneness of a quick, microwavable meal without needing to forego your health.

Here are a few frozen meals that are delicious and won't ruin your diet.

Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs

These Swedish Meatballs from Lean Cuisine make for a decent high-protein meal that would go well with a side plate of mixed greens. It's presented with a portion of pasta and flavorful sauce, with 16 grams of protein. It has rave reviews online from customers who state it's similarly heavenly and convenient to make in not more than minutes utilizing the microwave. This healthy take on spaghetti and meatballs has only 290 calories per package and six grams of fat.  

Healthy choice Cajun-style chicken and shrimp

This frozen meal from Healthy Choice resembles a decent form of surf n' turf. The Cajun Style Chicken and Shrimp are served on a bed of rice along with veggies. It does have a bit of a kick, thanks to the hot sauce that will sizzle your taste buds. This sans gluten dinner is 220 calories² and contains under three grams of total fat.

In case if you are willing to increase your potassium consumption, then this healthy choice appetite is an excellent option as it contains 650mg. This nutrient assists in reducing blood pressure and safeguard against strokes, so any potassium you can add to your diet is vital.

Sound Choice Beef Merlot

This gluten-free meal is brimming with tender beef, boiled potatoes, and fresh vegetables. The meat is matched with a Merlot wine sauce for added flavor, a delicious duo that gives the appetite its name. It's just 180 calories and truly low in carbs, with only 20 grams for every serving. The hamburger merlot has been given a decent appraising for Weight Watchers members, procuring it a SmartPoints value⁴ of five.

Ethnic Gourmet Pad Thai With Shrimp

For a tasty supper, meal displays some Asian flair, evaluate this Pad Thai With Shrimp from Ethnic Gourmet. This organization has practical experience in conveying customers with worldwide nourishments that are tasty, valid, and simple to plan.

This mildly zesty pad thai contains rice noodles mixed in with shrimp, carrots, and scallions. It's hurled in a nut sauce and decorated with cooked peanuts for an additional crunch. This pad thai is pressed with 17 grams of protein⁵ and low in total fat. It just has 410 calories, yet it will leave you full after eating it.  

Michelina's Chicken Alfredo Florentine

This brand has a huge amount of frozen appetite options, but those searching for healthier alternatives can take a gander at Michelina's "Light" choice. One of their selection includes this Chicken Alfredo Florentine, made with wheat noodles are seasoned chicken breast. It's a simple pasta that even picky eaters can enjoy, and contain only 250 calories with 34 grams of carbs.

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