Asthma is a very serious respiratory disorder that affects nearly 13% of the American population. The severe side effects induce chest congestion, wheezing, and breathlessness. Though the researchers have not found out any cure for this disorder, there are various effective treatments available. Given below are some best domestic remedies that can help you to get relief from asthma.

Most commonly, food intake affects to contain asthma bouts. The food with high salt content is particularly harmful to asthmatics. On the other hand, healthy fats improve lung functioning. 

Avocado is known to be the best choice; it has oleic acid that acts as an anti-inflammatory. Also, it contains plenty of omega -3. Chia seeds are very effective in managing asthma. The following are some household items that help you get relief from asthma. 

1. Strawberries

2. Oranges.

3. Papaya, and.

4. Berries.

Make sure your diet contains fig water:

Figs are very effective in dealing with asthma. Contrary to other dry fruits, figs won’t trigger flair – ups. Actually, this dry fruit helps in getting rid of mucus from the lungs and nasal tubes, and thus help you easy breath. 

You can make fig water by soaking figs in a glass of water overnight and have in the morning with an empty stomach. 


To get over asthma, you need to know how to inhale deeply. Various studies proved that an exercise called breathing retraining can be very useful. Doing this exercise in proper posture is necessary so that shortness of breath can be avoided.


Coffee and tea can assist your lungs to work more productively. The caffeine works like a specialist endorsed inhaler medication. It has the capacity to open obstructed airways for up to four hours. While these beverages should not take the place of your regular asthma treatments, they are incredible substitutes.

However, abstain from drinking multiple cups a day. A lot of caffeine can raise your pulse and cause a feeling of nervousness.


If you are not getting plenty of vitamin C, you are unquestionably bound to battle with asthma. So, Focus to intake a lot of vitamin C regularly. This antioxidant helps prevent the airways from becoming congested. Vitamin C supplements are readily available at your local supermarket, and fruit is the best choice. Some incredible picks include:

1. Strawberries

2. Oranges.

3. Papaya, and.

4. Berries.


Breathing in dry air can increase asthma bouts. Dry airways are more prone to swell and cause irritation. The dampness helps the lung to function freely. 

The humidifier is a very helpful instrument for the person who has asthma. While entire home humidifiers are available, a little unit for your bedroom can vaporize the air.  

Before you go to bed at night, turn on the unit to enjoy a more peaceful sleep. The additional dampness ought to extricate blockage and make wheezing less severe.


There are very effective ways of management of asthma. Fortunately, most of them are domestically available, and you can save a lot of medicines. 

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