what is a factory monitor?

Factory Monitor is a software package that is used by many different companies. It facilitates users to create systems for monitoring the activities in plants and factories. Factory monitor is used in order to give instructions to the people on the plant floor about how to resolve the problems.

Where can this software package be used?

 This software package is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit processors. This product can be used in Windows 7Professioanal, Windows XP/2003, Windows server 2008, Windows 10 and other versions of Windows.

How can this software package be used?

This software package can be used on any machine that has minimum of 100MB hard drive space, 100GB RAM or more. It can run on Intel 3.0GHz or higher too.

What else is needed to install Factory Monitor in PC?

Before installing Factory Monitor, ensure that the Pc already has Ms. Word and Excel. Because these systems are used for generating outputs such as reports and parts lists from Factory Monitor.

Who can use Factory Monitor?

Factory Monitor can only be used by Project Engineers and System Integrators.

How to install factory Monitor?

Installation steps are as follows:

Ø  Step1: Copy the software package on the CD.

Ø  Step2: Open and install the product on the system for further configuration.

Ø  Step3: The user can make necessary changes in the settings to suit the requirements.

Setting up Password

After installing and configuring, the user is prompted to set up a password for the system. The password should consist of 8 characters including special characters.

Setting up the system to monitor

To keep track of situations and conditions the user must first set up the system.

Examples for setting up an alarm


The user can consider the following examples in order to test the configuration so as to get alarm together with a message.

Ø  The user can test by over filling the tank and check if it can trigger alarm.

Ø  The user can also test on a struck or rusted valve that does not operate properly and see if it raises alarm.


Once the user figures out what message should be notified when the alarm goes off then the system is ready for the use.





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